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So I have been flirting with the idea of seeing a chiropractor. To be honest, the thought of someone adjusted/cracking my back scared the shit out of me! I immediately thought something bad would happen because I couldn’t relax.

Then after months of a friend of mine recommending this kinesiologist/chiropractor, I began to gain some interest. Then after my husband going for his second visit to him, I really became interested!

I recently started having some stomach issues for the past few months. I did what I normally do when something is off, try to do the most natural cure. I have been taking probiotics for over a month & half now. Still had the discomfort in my stomach. Then after my husband’s second appt with the chiropractor, I decided to make an appt for myself.

So first off here is a little background on kinesiology. I immediately started feeling skeptical! I mean, really?!?

What is Applied Kinesiology . . .

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a specialty in Chiropractic that evaluates chemical, structural and mental/emotional aspects of health using manual muscle testing with other forms of diagnosis. It is a non-invasive method for evaluating body function that is a unique and powerful tool in the correction of imbalances and pathologies in the body. Treatments may involve specific joint manipulation, cranial respiratory techniques, myofascial release, acupuncture meridian therapy, emotional release and processing techniques(NET, Bach and other flower therapies), nutritional counseling, dietary management, allergy testing, general toxicity screening and detoxification among many other things. AK is particularly valuable in finding the cause of “Functional Problems” that have not been able to be identified, diagnosed or corrected with conventional methods of care. Because of its specificity it can help to determine the cause of the very real problem the patient is experiencing and provide the tools to effectively manage or correct the condition(s) and bring a person back into balance with their environment.

So I go to my first appointment. After spending a few minutes in the reception area, smelling the patchouli oil, I thought this was a little hocus pocus!

So Dr Bach took me in the room, asked a bunch of questions about my health. Some in depth, some really odd. With my stomach issues, he asked if I have been feeling a little anxious for no reason, yes I have. Shortness of breath, yes. A couple other questions, then he mentioned he knows what it is. What??? Hiatus hernia. What the heck is that? Pretty much means that my stomach was under my diaphragm. This was causing my stomach discomfort and issues.

So how did he help me? Well this was the interesting part. I stood against a wall did a couple breathing exercises and then he pulled my stomach down! Well not exactly, just moved it back down to its normal spot. He told me I should have the feeling as if someone punched me in the stomach. Boy did I!
I cried! I think it’s because that was the first time I felt good…normal.

Again, such a weird experience. To have someone just read your body.

I go back in a week to get adjusted again, then off to Dr Bach working on my gait, form. I am kind of excited.

Check out this video. This is pretty much the same that Dr Bach did to me. It’s kind of funny. 🙂


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